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We Think Beyond Stocks & Bonds Because

The Opportunities to Grow Your Wealth Shouldn’t Be Limited

You’ve accumulated wealth through years of hard work and diligent saving. As you determine your long-term goals, such as financial independence in retirement or paying for  college, you need an investment strategy tailored to preserve, protect and grow your wealth as needed.

With a mindful approach to the effect taxes have on your investments, we extend beyond the realm of stocks and bonds to find the investment approach that works best for your specific needs.

Combining Our Tailored Strategies With

Our Standardized Approach

While we tailor our solutions and advice based on your unique long-term goals, we’ve standardized our investment process by utilizing 5 investment models that vary based on what you need your assets to achieve.

Our Approach to Investments Includes:

  • Utilizing an Evidence-Based Investing Approach
  • Constructing Portfolios Using Proven, Risk-Based Investments
  • Continuously Monitoring Your Investments & Maintaining Liquidity When Needed
  • Focusing on Rules-Based, Low-Cost Investments
  • Incorporating Tax-Minimization Strategies

Does Your Portfolio Align With Your Risk?

Learn Your Risk Number

Interested In Doing Well By Doing Good?

Impact Investing at DWA

You make a statement with how and where you spend your money. Impact investing offers socially conscious investors the opportunity to align these values with their investments. Doing so allows our clients to consider their investment funds an extension of their values and charitable endeavors.