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Comprehensive and Unbiased

Net Worth Based Fee

Your financial plan is more than just the value of your investment accounts. By billing on net worth we remove many conflicts of interest and clear the path to your financial goals.

Our net worth financial planning fee is inclusive of a number of hours for accounting and tax services. These hours typically exceed the time required to plan, prepare and file annual taxes. In the event additional hours are required, our clients receive a discounted rate on the required tax services.

Net Worth
Tax Hours Included
First $10,000,0000.50%
Personal Tax Return
Next $10,000,0000.25%
Personal Tax Return + 5 Hours
Above $20,000,0000.10%
Personal Tax Return + 10 Hours

We grow together

Trailblazer Path 

You have a very bright future with needs beyond retirement planning. Whether it's student loan debt, saving for retirement for the first time, or a first time home purchase we have you covered. 

Our advice extends beyond stocks and bonds into private real estate, tax planning and private business opportunities. 

In order to deliver our level of service to exceed your needs, we've established the Trailblazer Path for growing professionals and business owners. Being mid-career professionals ourselves, we'll work with you for years to come!

Net Worth
Tax Services Included
Below $1,000,000
$1,875 / quarterly
 Personal Tax Return

Interested In Doing Well By Doing Good?

Impact Investing at DWA

You make a statement with how and where you spend your money. Impact investing offers socially conscious investors the opportunity to align these values with their investments. Doing so allows our clients to consider their investment funds an extension of their values and charitable endeavors.