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Getting Started

With Delta Wealth Advisors

Gain Access to Unbiased, Net Worth Financial Advice

Based in Indianapolis, Serving Business Owners Across the Nation

Accounting and Tax Services

Many business owners and executives find themselves trying to communicate between their financial advisor and CPA. In our experience, this can lead to missed opportunities and unnecessary taxes. With our experienced CPA's, we are able to develop and execute on tax-efficient plans and strategies. 

If you're interested in learning only about our accounting and tax services, please click here.

Beyond Stocks & Bonds

You are more than stocks and bonds, so we offer more than stocks and bonds. Whether it be real estate investments, private business due diligence, transitioning your business or tax inquiries, we turn your complicated questions into understandable advice.

We identify opportunities and properties that deliver real estate "mailbox money" to compliment investments in stocks and bonds.

Commission-Free, Transparent Pricing

We’re here to empower your life and finances through honesty and transparency. As a fee-only firm, we do not receive commissions or earn money based on our recommendations or referrals. By eliminating commissions, we’re dedicated to delivering client-first, unbiased advice to you.

Please click here to view our fee schedule. 

Our Holistic Planning Process

Step 1: Finding a Fit

We learn about what you need from your advisor in our first meeting. We firmly believe that finding the right fit is critical in working with an advisor, so we’ll introduce ourselves and our services. We’ll discuss our commission-free compensation structure and answer any questions you may have.

Step 2: Explore Possibilities & Set Goals

During this interactive meeting, we’ll go in-depth in our understanding of your current financial status, future wants and needs, potential “what if” scenarios and learn more about your goals. This conversation will help us develop solutions to your goals and concerns.

Step 3: Illustrate Recommendation & Prioritize Implementation

Our team develops your family’s financial plan to address your goals and concerns. During our presentation of the financial plan, we will outline our recommendations to readjust your assets to best align with your goals in a tax-efficient manner. We’ll walk you through our paperwork and any outstanding items.

Step 4: Execute Action Items

With a list of prioritized action items, we work with you to answer any questions and complete your to-do list. For any accounts that need to be transitioned, we’ll provide weekly communications regarding the status of the transfers and any tax considerations.

Step 5: Review Services

We’ll get you connected with our online client portal and mobile app, allowing you to access all your finances anytime, at your convenience. In this meeting, we will review your account statement and ensure you’re staying on track toward your goals.

Step 6: Financial Planning Meeting

As we move into an ongoing partnership, we’ll begin discussing other aspects of your finances, including tax and health insurance planning, coordinating with your trusted professionals, understanding the likelihood of achieving your personal goals and updating your assets and liabilities. When action is required by you, we’ll provide you with clear steps for you to complete, and if you prefer, we will work with you to get them done.

Begin With Your Complimentary Call

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Did You Know…

You Can Get DWA On Demand

Whether you’re in Indianapolis or Chicago or halfway across the country, we offer those seeking our financial planning and investment management services on-demand access to their advisor via remote meetings.

Have a question for our accountants? We’ll work to answer what we can remotely, but many tax service and accounting questions require in-person meetings - whether in our office or on-location at your business.

  • Meet at your convenience
  • Get your questions answered quickly
  • No travel time