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From Our Point of View

What Does a Full-Time Bookkeeper Do? Thumbnail

What Does a Full-Time Bookkeeper Do?

In this guide, we highlight how a bookkeeper does more than just “keep the books.” They also tailor an individual financial plan to your business’s needs and goals. Understanding what a bookkeeper does will help you make an informed decision on what best suits you and your business. So what is a bookkeeper’s job description, and what services do they provide?

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Let's talk about debt Thumbnail

Let's talk about debt

When looking at borrowing money, there are many types of debt to consider. Debt can be broken into two categories: good debt and bad debt (also known as productive and unproductive debt). Read on if you're interested in finding out how certain kinds of debt can help you in the long run.

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You Hit a Crypto Grand Slam...Now What? Thumbnail

You Hit a Crypto Grand Slam...Now What?

You made an investment, and it’s treated you well. What happens next? Well, you have the IRS to deal with, mainly. Read on for an overview of the tax implications of major crypto gains, tips for minimizing the tax hit, and the unique opportunities presented by Qualified Opportunity Zones (or QOZs).

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How to Spend Money to Increase Happiness Thumbnail

How to Spend Money to Increase Happiness

In a post-pandemic world, some people are gearing up to spend frivolously—at least that’s what a recent McKinsey study reported. Over 50% of US consumers are planning to spend extra money on splurge purchases this year. It seems that after a year of cancelled vacations, holiday get-togethers, and events, Americans who have an expendable income are ready to spend.

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How To Make Money In A Low Interest Rate Environment Thumbnail

How To Make Money In A Low Interest Rate Environment

With the steadily declining interest rates of the 21st century, you may be wondering what to do with your money when interest rates are low. This trend is seen starkly when you compare the 6% rate of the US federal funds rate at the beginning of 2000 to the rate as of December 2020: 0.09%. The Federal Reserve estimates that rates will most likely remain near zero until at least 2023. If you are a retiree, this can impact your investments and cause concern. Let’s look at a few options you may have in a low interest rate environment to make the most of your money.

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