Assets under management

With our client-first approach to business, we do not sell products or charge commissions. Every trade and investment decision we make is to prudently and professionally grow your assets.

Our fee schedule is straight-forward: we charge a percentage of assets under management. When your assets increase in size, everyone benefits–your investments grow, as does our fee. Conversely, if your portfolio decreases, our fee is reduced as well.


For our younger clients, our financial planning extends beyond investment management. To account for your entire financial picture, we work to grow your entire net worth.

The net worth advisory fee is inclusive of financial planning, investment management and personal tax preparation services. We do not charge on your primary residence and vehicle.

We do not sell any products, charge commissions or additional fees. Our professional services fee is straight-forward.

Trailblazer Program

If you’re at the initial phase of your career and wealth accumulation, taking advantage of opportunities and avoiding mistakes are critical.

In order to deliver our level of service and advice to this generation of professionals, we have built the Trailblazer Program.

As with all of our services, we do not sell any products or charge commissions.